450 years of Rugby School UK have taught us that busy children are happy children. In order to capture the essence of British Private Education, and to make this the real, authentic Rugby School experience, a longer school day is a must. Why?

Because it allows your child to do, and achieve, so much more:

  • more time for greater depth in academic subjects that will help pupils discover not simply what to think, but how to think;
  • more time for playing sports and playing for teams;
  • more time for the children to experience the joy of music, art and drama;
  • more time for co-curricular activities of all kinds (a vital part of the Rugby School tradition).

And there is another significant benefit that comes with the longer school day. It allows for children to do their homework at school, supervised by our staff. This means that help can be given immediately as needed, and also that, once the school day is done, it is friends time and family time!

Yes, it’s a longer day. But it is packed with all sorts of things your children will be dying to tell you about – and that is education Rugby School Thailandstyle.

Our School Day

 Half-Day:08.30 – 12.30
 Full Day:08.30 – 15.15
Reception, Year 1 and Year 2
 School day:08.30 – 15.15
 After school activities/care:15.15 – 17.45
Prep School*
Year 3
 School day:

08.15 – 17.50

(If Activity not selected,
home at 17.00)

 Activities (optional):17.00 – 17.50
Year 4
 School day:

08.15 – 17.50

(If Activity not selected,
home at 17.00)

 Activities (optional):17.00 – 17.50
Year 5 and Year 6
 School day:08.15 – 17.50

*Please note that the Prep school Day includes a team sports session every day and a supervised homework session. There are optional Activities each day in Years 3 and 4, and Activities are included in the School Day from Year 5 upwards.

As homework (known as ‘Prep’) is completed during the School Day, no formal homework is set. Voluntary learning material will, however, be provided as appropriate on request.